Thursday, November 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Missing Old Friends

I miss these two so much... 
This is a throwback to 1985 when my College roommate Heather and her boyfriend John came to visit us. We had gone to Niagara Falls for the day and we saw this sign. John was from the Bronx and absolutely loved New York's Burroughs. When we saw this sign we knew we had to have a picture of him under it as he really thought he was New York's gift to the world.

It was 21 years ago this week that Heather died from AIDS given to her by John, who had died a few years before her. A tragic love affair to say the least. I think about her often, especially this time of year.

So call a friend today.. just to say hi and hear their voice... I so wish I could hear her voice again and we could sit and laugh for hours about stupid stuff and silly joke books and walk to get a slice of pizza.

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