Thursday, October 31, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Wendy and Peter

Happy Halloween. I chose this photo for this week's Throwback Thursday post of Dante's first Halloween, thirteen years ago, when he was Peter Pan with his proud Big Sister as Wendy.
 I am so glad my sister taught me to sew when I was 13. I made many of the kids costumes and I know they have good memories of those times.
Have a Happy and Safe night and make some memories this Halloween 2013.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Throwback Thursday - The Pumpkin Patch

I have seen so many photos of people bringing their kids to pumpkin patches and farms these past few weeks. It reminds me of the fun we had when the kids were little.

This week's Throwback Thursday is about 12 years old, from our favorite farm, The Kelkenburg Farm in Clarence, NY.

 So many good memories of those days when the kids were small.

Friday, October 18, 2013

I HeArt Fridays...Rock Love

Last weekend I was invited to a beautiful ranch in Rancho Santa Fe, California for my Cousin's 50th Birthday. We also went to look at the beautiful piece of property they own and have plans to build a ranch. 
You know MB... always looking for hearts.
I found this one in the middle of the picture, but I also see a heart at the top edge of the lighter colored rock at the top right of the picture. Do you see it?

   We had fun picking Lemons and Kumquats from their trees and then I spotted this heart just before we left.
I had a great weekend catching up with my cousins and finding these rocks for this week's I heArt Fridays post.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Throwback Thursday - My Little Pea Pod

I love this photo.

My Throwback Thursday for this week is Nina as a pea pod at 4 months old with our smiling "volpini" pumpkin. It actually snowed that year on Halloween. She was such a trooper as her Mom propped her on the pumpkin for the photo!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Authenticity, Fear and Safety

This post is part of a brave blogging link-up that's part of Liv Lane's How To Build a Blog You Truly Love ecourse. As a participant, I was challenged to step outside my comfort zone and share something with you that felt especially brave.

"On the Street Where I Live" ⌐ © mary beth volpini 2011

I grew up in an alcoholic home. I never really felt safe and I was not protected by those who were “supposed” to love me.  I did not reveal a lot about my true self until I entered therapy in the 30’s. The secrets came out, well most of them and I could start to heal. I was able to share my true story and be authentic in small groups and one on one when I felt safe that they could handle the information.

My then husband started this blog for me in 2008. I tried to be authentic and honest, but there was still so much that I could not share. Fear stopped me. I guess it was easier and safer for me to tell my story through my art. I have so many blog posts that race through my head, but then the fear stops me again. Will someone read it and not like my art, or will I lose my job, or think I am a bad Mother. It is so much harder to feel safe in the world wide web, once the information or post is out. It . is . out and you have no control who reads it.

We hear so much about authenticity and that is what people want. BUT do they really want that, the good the bad and the ugly or do they want life tied up with a pretty bow? Positive Polly. The goal of my blog is to inspire people, especially women and children. Inspire to look at the world more creatively. Inspire people to find hearts and love around them. Inspire to get back up and persevere when life knocks you down and to know that they are not alone in their struggles.

My son has an assignment this week in Language Arts class and he has to read and then comment on various quotes. I love quotes and read through some of the selections. Two of them struck a cord with me:

“Write what you know.” Geraldine Brooks
“Write hard and clear about what hurts.” Ernest Hemingway

I know pain, I know being an adult child of an alcoholic, I know abuse, I know infertility, I know financial infidelity, I know emotional infidelity, I know deceit, I know cancer, I know divorce. 


I also know Motherhood, joy, healing, survivorship, honesty, gratitude, perseverance, friendship and love.

I will strive to be authentic and to share as much as I can while still feeling safe in the hopes of helping others know they are not alone as we navigate our path in life.

Friday, October 4, 2013

I heArt Fridays - for the Love of Clouds

This week's I heArt Fridays post is brought to you by clouds: 
Dante and I were in the car yesterday, while we were waiting for the light to change I noticed this beautiful cloud. He snapped a shot for me.

 This photo was taken by my cousin last week on her drive to New York City. She posted it to Instagram and I noticed the heart right away.
Love was in the air this week... ha ha

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Do the Eyes

 These Throwback Thursday photos are part of the reason that I am happy I am a bit photo crazy. Last week when Dante and I were looking through photos, we came across these...
I had forgotten this stage he went through when he would do this silly pose with his eyes. We eventually would say "do the eyes" and he would make these faces and we would crack up... which of course would only make him do it more.

When Dante saw these last week he said "why was I always doing this with my eyes" as we both laughed. 
 I just cant help but smile when I see these... what a character.
 What are some of the silly things that your kids did when they were younger that you have caught on film... or I should say digital now!


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