Thursday, April 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Going, Going, Gone...

This Sunday, April 28th I will have reached my 7th anniversary as a Breast Cancer Survivor. I thought this photo was appropriate for Throwback Thursday this week. I could not for the life of me find the “before” picture that I wanted to post, showing how long and thick my hair was before diagnosis. I am sure I will find it tomorrow!  Before my chemo made me bald, I decided to have a last bit of control and cut my hair short on my own. It really did not matter if I liked it or not as it would soon be gone.
My hair-stylist in New York also had long hair, when she was diagnosed with cancer she held on to her hair as long as she could. It was upon her suggestion that I cut it short before it fell out. It was hard to comprehend when she told me that my hair would actually hurt when it fell out and it would make it much easier if it was short. I did not have the courage that some women do to shave their head before it falls out.
After my first chemo treatment, I went to see Sean, my hairstylist since I moved to California. He cut my hair short and I loved it for about a week.

Then it started to hurt and fall out… everywhere. 

Who knows… maybe someday I will cut it short again… 

and hopefully keep it longer than a week.

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