Thursday, March 28, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Anne - My Mom

My Mother… On March 31, she would have been 89. Wow. This was one of her school photos.  Gotta love the glasses! She loved teaching, she loved children. In fact, it seemed at times that she liked her school kids better than her own! She was a very strict Mother… when my kids say that I am strict… I laugh “you have no idea what strict is!” As in most families, each of us had a different relationship with her. I got so much more one on one time with her than my siblings did growing up. We traveled to Europe and went on 2 cruises to the Caribbean. Alzheimer’s struck her early and I did not have the Mom that I knew around when my children grew up. That is very sad because she absolutely LOVED children. She enjoyed seeing her Grandchildren even when she did not remember that I was her Daughter or that they were her Grandchildren.
One of the best things that my Mom did for me was allowing me to go to New York City at the age of 17 for a summer program at Parsons School of Design. That experience solidified my decision to attend Parsons for my Bachelors of Fine Arts. I am so thankful that she supported me, not only for the summer program, but to attend college in Manhattan. Some people did not think that she made a smart decision and even went as far to say that she was a bad Mother. When I was 17, I had no idea of the magnitude of that decision. Now, that I have children of my own, I understand that selfless act as a Mother and the worry that must have consumed her while I was away. I am sure she prayed nightly for my safety.
Sometimes when things get tough I think back to that time in my life…
Just like the famous song… “If I can make it there (at 17) I can make it anywhere!”
Thanks Mom… 

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