Thursday, February 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Fred and Anne

I found a box of photos this past weekend. This is an oldie of my parents from the 40’s. It looks like my Mother has a ring on her finger so they must have already been married. I am not sure whose house it is, but I remember seeing that lamp when I was young. I noticed the Christmas tree, which reminded me that the Medium that I had gone to while in Lily dale told me that my Father apparently loved Christmas and Christmas trees!

What I find interesting about this picture is the look on their faces. To me they looked like they were in love or at least looked happy. I find it so interesting that people can start out so in love and over the years that love fades. Many times the actions towards the other become exactly the opposite of love. 

I am the youngest of 5 children, they were married about 15 years or more by the time I came along. I do not remember seeing many loving glances shared between them. Sometimes I look back and think “what did these two ever have in common?” Who knows, maybe it really was “opposites attract”. They just could not live with each other anymore and got along much better after they divorced. The last few years of my Father’s life he was very sick with heart ailments, my Mom still worried about him. About a year before he died, my Father knew as well as I did that something just was not right with my Mother’s behavior, which helped lead to her diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. He died at 71 in his sleep and she beat the odds and lived with Alzheimer’s over 15 years and died a week after her 81st birthday.

This picture helps me to believe that they really did love one another at one point.

It makes me smile.

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