Thursday, February 28, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Aluminum Can Chair

My Mother and her Sisters were very crafty. 
My Mom, would stay up late into the night knitting and crocheting.  She crocheted my sister's wedding gown without a pattern.
My Aunt Rose (RoRo for short) had a ceramic studio in her cellar and every craft material available in those days. My Aunt Jane was more creative with her cooking and baking, but she would try her hand at some crafts too. The motto they grew up with was: idle hands leads to idle minds.

My Aunt RoRo made this chair out a an aluminum can. The detail is amazing. The cuts are so even and all of the curling and crimping. I bet it is well over 40 years old.

Nina and I found this one at the Long Beach Antique Market... definitely a bit more French Provincial and a much fancier seat!

 I love when pieces of the past stay so well preserved!

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