Thursday, January 31, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Crissy and Velvet

I loved dolls when I was little and I had a lot of them. When Nina and I were at the Long Beach Antique Market that I wrote about last week, we came across this doll, this week's Throwback Thursday feature:

Crissy. She was produced in 1969 by Ideal.

 You would twist this knob in her back and her pony tail would grow and grow. 

They came out with her cousin Velvet a year later. She had a violet dress and Blond hair. I was a lucky girl and had both of them.

What I remembered most was the cool case I had to carry both of them. They each fit into one side of the case. 

My favorite outfit for Crissy was a cape... It has bright pink fur on the bottom of the cape and these pink balls at the end of the ties at the neck.

 I sketched these drawings and then Googled some images:

I guess my memory is pretty good!

I loved these dolls and this cape especially! I have no idea what happened to them. I am sure if I would have saved them, Nina would have loved to play with them. She was always so good with her toys, on special days, I would take out my Barbie's and let her play with them. I am so glad I did as they will be memories that she will have with her forever.

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juls4real said...

Oh, I love Crissy. I have 4 Crissy's. Yours is pretty. Have fun with her..



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