Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Connection...

Do you know that feeling when you meet someone or see their work and you immediately connect with them? That is the feeling that I had when I first saw the work of Belinda Fireman. Jenny Doh had posted here about Belinda. I saw her work, her use of color and I felt it was so similar to my use of color. When I read her bio there was another connection… she grew up in Toronto and I grew up outside of Buffalo, NY. Literally right across the US/Canadian border from each other. Could this be one of the reasons we both like color? Who knows? I started following her on Instagram.  I noticed her bags packed for California. She was coming to Southern California, to Studio Crescendoh. She was so close; I just could not pass up this opportunity to meet her.
My daughter and I went to Studio Crescendoh a few Saturdays ago for the Santa Ana Artwalk. When we walked into the studio, even my Nina said “Mom is that one of your hearts?” Both Jenny Doh and Belinda were so gracious to us. Nina purchased a great journal, Jenny signed it, Belinda painted inside of it. I had to purchase one of Belinda’s paintings. I loved them all, but I was drawn to this one in particular:

Nina loved a smaller piece that said “Dream Big”.
Belinda had heard Nina and I talking about all of her pieces and the one we liked best. 

 After I made my purchase and she took it off of the wall, she asked Nina if she wanted the Dream Big piece? Nina politely said “I am on a budget, but I will save up and look on your Etsy site.” Nina barely finished her sentence and Belinda turned around and walked away. We both stood there wondering what was happening. Belinda walked over to the piece, took it off of the wall and gave it to Nina. “I want you to have this.” What a kind and generous act, it brought Nina to tears.

When your kids have gone through heartache and tough times, there is no better way to try and tell your children that there are good people in the world than to experience it firsthand. Thank you Belinda for showing Nina and reminding me, that there are good, kind people in the world. We LOVE Belinda Fireman!


Belinda Fireman said...

Thank you so much for this post, Mary Beth! I treasure meeting you and Nina. You are both beautiful people, and I hope I can see you again!

FishyKissKnits said...

Such a wonderful story. As Belinda's mother, and a total fan of hers (and of course of her work), I couldn't be more proud of her. She is a remarkable woman, extremely talented, and very caring. I love her too.

Esther Budd


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