Friday, November 16, 2012

A Very Special I HeArt Fridays!

Today I want to share some very special hearts. These hearts are made by Nina and her Birth Family on our visit back East to meet everyone. I will write a longer post at a later date, but for now enjoy Nina and her Birth Mother and Siblings creating hearts....

 Nina and her full biological Brother - Christopher who is is crazy that Dante, Nina's Adoptive Brother is also 12!

 Nina and her Birth Mother, Melanie and her half twin Siblings, Casey and Alyssa who are almost 7.

Casey enjoying creating hearts for his half Mom...The twins asked what they should call me, Melanie said since Nina is their half Sister... I am their half Mom!

Casey and Alyssa peeking through their hearts.

This was the first of the pictures of Melanie with all of her children by her side after 19 years.
The whole experience was very special, yet surreal at the same time. 

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