Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Angels Among Us...

A few weeks ago, after I posted about finding Nina’s Birth Mother I received a pink envelope in the mail. This friend had purchased some artwork from me in the past. I opened the envelope and saw a check. The only thing that I could think of was that she had wanted to purchase more artwork. I got excited wondering which piece she had decided to purchase… and then I read the note:

Dear Mary Beth,
This is something that I want to give you to help out. You have been through so much and my heart goes out to you. I was so happy to hear of the contact that you have had with Nina’s Birth Mother. If you think that this would be good to put toward your flights, please do so. You have been such a great Mom to those beautiful children! May God bless you all today and always! Love.

I started to cry. In fact, I still cry every time I think of this person’s generosity. There truly are Angels among us.
Nina and her Birth Mother are getting so excited to meet each other. Nina will be there for Melanie’s Birthday. It will be a hard present to top! I will be taking plenty of pictures through my tears of joy. A big THANK YOU to my Angel… you have no idea how special you have made me feel.

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