Friday, June 15, 2012

My New Year...

I have always had trouble with the planning for the New Year in January. I try it every year and I just do not seem to really get it into gear until June. But I started to think about it and I was born June 15th... 51 years ago today! It really is my New Year. So many events in my life start and or end around this time of year. All those years of school ending in June… then the start of summer… then the start of the next path. I was married in June. I became a Mom in June. I separated in June. …
This past year has been one of truly surviving, trying to get my head above water, juggling so many things, learning so many things, endings and beginnings. I tend not to stop and really look at what I accomplish… usually just pushing to do more. But the past few weeks I have taken a few moments to review… to actually breathe… to say WOW … you (and the kids) made it through a really tough year.
This next year, I really want to get back to taking better care of myself. More than 6 hours a sleep each night would be great. Exercise more. Hang out on the couch more than just Friday nights. Go out more with friends. Create more.
Not just planning my new life, but actually living it…
A friend gave me this visual journal for Mother’s Day. 
He said he chose it so that I would stay in the right side of the brain each day!  I decided to save it, to start Day 1 on my Birthday.

 My “word” that I chose for 2012 was Thrive. I have survived and now it is time to Thrive. I am so happy to reach another Birthday, I am looking forward to celebrating with my friends (thank you to all of you, old and new that have helped us this past year) and of course my kids.
red solo cup.. that song cracks me up!

Happy Birthday MB!

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