Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I wanted to do something special for my guy this year for his preteen birthday. Avengers opened on his actual birthday so we went to dinner at Kura Sushi…a revolving sushi bar… so fun and then “The Avengers”. On Saturday, we went to The Paintball Park. The park is located on the Camp Pendleton Marine Base.
You can rent all of your gear there. They do a great job of breaking the groups into beginner and advanced and as the day got busier they even had an under 13 group.
Ready for Battle

The Paintball Park

They have 8 different areas and each group goes out for ½ hour of play and then comes back to rest and reload air etc.

I love this...

The first battleground...
Nothing like a little wildlife to make it realistic...there were rattlesnakes too...that had me a tad worried!
Ready, Set, Go...on Hamburger Hill
Then they switch sides... one friend got caught in enemy territory!
The big Sister in battle!
Bullseye... literally
My favorite part... all of the paintballs.
Nina's group in the King's Castle.
Dante is inside the hut in Kong's Island
When you have been hit you raise your hands and head to the sidelines.
Isn't this the coolest place? The Convoy.
The real Marines were playing in this area! Funny I never saw any paint on them!
The Refinery.
Waiting to go back in...
Finishing up at the Refinery.

 It was a long full day but he had a big smile on his face and truly appreciated every moment. The best words were “Mom, I will remember this day always.” That is what it is all about!

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