Friday, April 6, 2012

I HeArt Fridays!

The weeks have been going by so fast that I always have good intentions on blogging... but alas it ends up to be Thursday night again and I have not posted anything. But... my online class Hello Soul, Hello Business should be done in a few weeks, the divorce should be done shortly... and all of the paperwork... boy will I have a lot of collage papers when this is done! 

This weekend I saw 6 hearts in nature so I am going to be crazy this week and post all of them at once!

I usually have some time on the weekend to run. I really am having a hard time fitting it in 3 times a week now that I am working full-time.  Since I am looking down... so I don't trip... I tend to see many hearts on the sidewalks and pavement. Sometimes I run right by the heart and then I stop run back and take the picture. Sometimes I like to to look back after I have taken the picture and moved on. Occasionally, I see someone going up to the spot where I took the picture, looking on the ground trying to figure out exactly what I was doing. It brings a second smile to my face!
A few weeks ago, I attended a lecture by Randy Nelson, a creative who has and does work with the top companies in the country. His belief is that many core business skills are only learned in the arts. I fully agree and I am so thankful that this concept is finally getting the attention that it deserves. Artists observe. Randy challenged the group to be more observant each day. I know that once I started to look for hearts in nature, I began to find them in more and more places. This week try it out. Observe your surroundings. Look for patterns. Look for hearts and you will see that love is all around you!

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