Friday, March 2, 2012

I HeArt Fridays!

I missed my post last Friday and in fact missed a couple of weeks posting. Last weekend I suffered from a great deal of anxiety of "how is this all going to work out?" The starting over again at 50. The how do I get out of this big mound of debt? How do I support myself and "our" 2 kids and dog and cat? How do I keep juggling all of the balls and keep them all in the air? I really have not had a bout with such anxiety for quite some time. I try to hide it so the kids don't get worried and upset. Not so sure that I do a good job at it though. All of this led up to .... Monday.... another court date. Another chapter for the book.

The week progressed and my anxiety lessened. I received calls from friends who are cheering me on, who are praying for us. I went to a book-signing for an author that I met here and she selected some of my work for her book. I reached my 6 month anniversary at my new job. I am being inspired with new ideas for art and business. I went to bed before midnight one night! Tonight at dinner with my kids my daughter handed me this:

Perfect for many reasons: 1. It was from her. 2. I love taffy. 3. It is a heart!

So I will continue on this new path. I will continue to survive and to teach my kids when the going gets tough we keep on going. We do what we have to do and sometimes we have to do more to make up for those who don't. I will reassure them that I will always love them and support them. My hope is that I will not only be able to teach them how to survive but how to live too.

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