Monday, March 26, 2012

A Do It Yourself... with a little help project!

How many of you have a handful of necklaces all bunched and tangled? I see those hands raising from my computer screen! I use to have my necklaces hanging nicely on nails in one of my closets at some point in my life.  Over the past few years they ended up in a box and became a tangled mess. So I had this idea in my brain for quite some time, but I, well we finally did it!

I had this really nice frame from a photo that no longer has a positive purpose so bye bye photo and hello empty frame.

Nina and I went to Home Depot and purchased  1/2" x 1/2" wire cloth. The dimension was 24" high which fit perfectly. We only had to cut one side.

Nina did the stapling on the backside of the frame and I re-attached the hanging wire that was originally used to hang it on the wall.

I had this perfect spot right near my dresser...the green container is where the tangled mess of necklaces use to dwell!
I used some drapery hooks from Ikea and organized the necklaces by color... of course! Voila...
A piece of artwork in itself and so much easier to decide what to wear! 

Next time you have an outdated picture or an old frame... re-purpose it and have some fun. This would also work great for a little girl's room.

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