Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Artist's Block Cured!

You just never know who you will meet and what opportunities that meeting will provide down the road. Last Summer I went to Crystal Cove to meet up with a friend from High School that I had not seen since… well… high school. Imagine trying to meet up with someone that you have not seen in 30 years on a beach in California!

I ended up parking my chair in one spot and walking up and down the beach looking for a woman in a black bathing suit! I would walk a bit and then go back and sit in my chair and then repeat. My friend and I eventually met each other at the Ruby’s above the beach. I left my chair where it was and a woman that I struck up a conversation with said she would keep an eye on it for me.

After I met up with my friend and came back to collect my things I started a conversation with my chair watcher! Linda is a Creative Consultant. After a few minutes of our sharing, we both felt that our meeting was meant to be. We exchanged information and a few weeks later Linda introduced me to the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and their Big Draw which I posted about here
Linda also mentioned that she was writing a book and asked if I would contribute. 

Fast forward to last month and I received and email that the book was finished. Last Wednesday I attended the Book Signing for “Artist’s Block Cured! 201 Ways to Unleash your Creativity” written by Linda Krall and Amy Runyen. 
I am so thrilled to have my “shift gears” presented as cure #137 and even more excited to be given an Artist’s Spotlight on page 102.
A big thank you to Linda.

I hope we will be collaborating on more projects in the future. You can purchase the book here… and visit Linda’s website at

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Melissa said...

Wow, very cool. I will have to take a look at this book.
I'm sure it wasn't just by chance that you guys met.


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