Friday, March 30, 2012

I HeArt Fridays!

I just love when I walk out my door and find this staring back at me! Enjoy the weekend and look for hearts in nature!

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Do It Yourself... with a little help project!

How many of you have a handful of necklaces all bunched and tangled? I see those hands raising from my computer screen! I use to have my necklaces hanging nicely on nails in one of my closets at some point in my life.  Over the past few years they ended up in a box and became a tangled mess. So I had this idea in my brain for quite some time, but I, well we finally did it!

I had this really nice frame from a photo that no longer has a positive purpose so bye bye photo and hello empty frame.

Nina and I went to Home Depot and purchased  1/2" x 1/2" wire cloth. The dimension was 24" high which fit perfectly. We only had to cut one side.

Nina did the stapling on the backside of the frame and I re-attached the hanging wire that was originally used to hang it on the wall.

I had this perfect spot right near my dresser...the green container is where the tangled mess of necklaces use to dwell!
I used some drapery hooks from Ikea and organized the necklaces by color... of course! Voila...
A piece of artwork in itself and so much easier to decide what to wear! 

Next time you have an outdated picture or an old frame... re-purpose it and have some fun. This would also work great for a little girl's room.

Friday, March 23, 2012

I HeArt Fridays!

This week I decided to use one of my own hearts.
The following is an excerpt from "Living Liturgy" Fourth Sunday of Lent 2012 and I have been thinking about it all week.
"It's much easier to say "I love you" than to do, "I love you." Words are not enough to express the depth of what real love conveys. Love is an extension of self: giving self to the other, wishing all good for the other even when it costs us."

Prints of this piece are available in my shop and email me if you are interested in the original!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Artist's Block Cured!

You just never know who you will meet and what opportunities that meeting will provide down the road. Last Summer I went to Crystal Cove to meet up with a friend from High School that I had not seen since… well… high school. Imagine trying to meet up with someone that you have not seen in 30 years on a beach in California!

I ended up parking my chair in one spot and walking up and down the beach looking for a woman in a black bathing suit! I would walk a bit and then go back and sit in my chair and then repeat. My friend and I eventually met each other at the Ruby’s above the beach. I left my chair where it was and a woman that I struck up a conversation with said she would keep an eye on it for me.

After I met up with my friend and came back to collect my things I started a conversation with my chair watcher! Linda is a Creative Consultant. After a few minutes of our sharing, we both felt that our meeting was meant to be. We exchanged information and a few weeks later Linda introduced me to the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and their Big Draw which I posted about here
Linda also mentioned that she was writing a book and asked if I would contribute. 

Fast forward to last month and I received and email that the book was finished. Last Wednesday I attended the Book Signing for “Artist’s Block Cured! 201 Ways to Unleash your Creativity” written by Linda Krall and Amy Runyen. 
I am so thrilled to have my “shift gears” presented as cure #137 and even more excited to be given an Artist’s Spotlight on page 102.
A big thank you to Linda.

I hope we will be collaborating on more projects in the future. You can purchase the book here… and visit Linda’s website at

Friday, March 2, 2012

I HeArt Fridays!

I missed my post last Friday and in fact missed a couple of weeks posting. Last weekend I suffered from a great deal of anxiety of "how is this all going to work out?" The starting over again at 50. The how do I get out of this big mound of debt? How do I support myself and "our" 2 kids and dog and cat? How do I keep juggling all of the balls and keep them all in the air? I really have not had a bout with such anxiety for quite some time. I try to hide it so the kids don't get worried and upset. Not so sure that I do a good job at it though. All of this led up to .... Monday.... another court date. Another chapter for the book.

The week progressed and my anxiety lessened. I received calls from friends who are cheering me on, who are praying for us. I went to a book-signing for an author that I met here and she selected some of my work for her book. I reached my 6 month anniversary at my new job. I am being inspired with new ideas for art and business. I went to bed before midnight one night! Tonight at dinner with my kids my daughter handed me this:

Perfect for many reasons: 1. It was from her. 2. I love taffy. 3. It is a heart!

So I will continue on this new path. I will continue to survive and to teach my kids when the going gets tough we keep on going. We do what we have to do and sometimes we have to do more to make up for those who don't. I will reassure them that I will always love them and support them. My hope is that I will not only be able to teach them how to survive but how to live too.


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