Friday, February 10, 2012

I HeArt Fridays!

I picked these up at a Valentine's Day party that one of my vendors holds every year for their female clients...

heArts and Sprinkles Cupcakes... obviously the cupcakes are gone, but the hearts remain!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sponge Candy

When I was growing up there was a great candy store on the next block. Adam’s. I would ride my bike to this store and stare through the glass cases slowly selecting the candy that I would buy. I have such great memories of that store. Taffy, Wax bottles, Gumballs, Licorice… yum. But when it came to chocolate, the best place to go was Antoinette’s Sweets:

As soon as you open the door you get this amazing whiff of chocolate. Antoinette’s is a family owned candy shop and ice cream shop. I usually choose the candy over the ice cream, but that is just me. My Mom would take me to the store near Easter time. I would carry a basket (you don’t want that yummy chocolate to melt) and look at all of the novelty chocolate items. Bunnies, chicks, ballerinas, cars.  They would make everything out of chocolate.  As I got older I started to love their milk chocolate turtles. Then I switched to their milk chocolate caramels, which have remained my favorite to this day.  But they also carry another type of chocolate that is local to Western New York. Sponge Candy. This melt in your mouth delight is just that a delight. First you taste their signature milk chocolate and then the sweet soft “sponge” center. 

There are some other places that have a similar candy, some call it honeycomb, but it is just not the same. You have to liken it to real Buffalo wings and then the wings that everyone calls “Buffalo Wings” in the rest of the country. Just not the same.
Recently my daughter went back to Buffalo for a visit; I placed my order before she left… “Please bring back sponge candy and caramels.” I took some into to work to share… to let them experience real sponge candy. I always love the reactions… it is either “what is this?” or “oh I have had honeycomb before”… and then the best part… “Oh my goodness that is amazing… is there any more?”
If you are ever in the Buffalo area, stop by Antoinette’s. If you love chocolate you will not be disappointed, I know I never am!


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