Monday, January 9, 2012

Rose Bowl Flea Market!

We have been quite a few times since we moved to California 8 1/2 years ago. There truly is something for everyone. I love garage sales, estate sales and flea markets. I enjoy seeing what "era" of items are for sale. Years ago seeing what my Grandparents and Aunts had in their homes. Then to items my Parents had and now many of the items I had growing up. You always hear..."I had that" or "my Mom had that". I have taken my Daughter to these sales since she was a baby. Antique World in Clarence, NY was our favorite before we moved here. So many people had told me that I had to go to Pasadena. We were hooked from the first visit.

My daughter and I made a day of it today and what a wonderful day we had!

 I used to have skates just like these and I can still remember gliding down the driveway and hoping to navigate the turn onto the sidewalk.

 Mr. Peanut... My Aunt Jane had this very set. It always brings back just fun memories.
 Banana seat bike anyone?
 I love anything paper related. This booth had old checks and stamps from France and so many wonderful collage items...

 Suitcases are everywhere now. I loved the one in the very back...but I resisted!
Then I saw this complete set... boy did I really want this set. They were asking $35.00 each or the whole set for $90.00. I would have loved to grab it, it was in great shape. But I resisted!

 This shopping cart was beckoning to my daughter. She does not like to bargain with the vendors. I personally think that is the fun part. When I asked the price... I was told $65.00. N really fell in love with this piece. She asked ME to ask if he would take $50.00... to our surprise he said yes! She was stopped 3 or 4 times asking if she bought it that day and if there were any more. That is always such a great feeling to know you made a good purchase.
 OMG... I had Francie and Casey... I still have them and I know I have the blue dress that Casie has on also! My case was like this only it said Barbie. We used to always play Tripoley when I was young too. 
 I bought this little evening case for $5.00.
 Wooden rulers and stencils... 
 and some fun jewelry. I love vintage necklaces. I have quite a few from my Antique World hunting days and now that I am back to work in an office full time I am enjoying wearing them again. When N saw the heart buckle she said that I had to have it. I may try to turn it into a necklace...
I got a kick out of these big cologne bottles. There were a few places that had them. The Rose Bowl is such an eclectic event... from what the vendors are selling to the what the buyers are wearing. We always have fun. When we leave we usually head to downtown Pasadena for lunch. I love Pasadena and I think I would enjoy living there. I love the architecture and the history and there is a Blick Art Store... which is as N said "is my kind of candy store."

It was an enjoyable day and what gives me the most pleasure is making lasting memories with my daughter.

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