Sunday, January 22, 2012

Paint your Way to Inner Peace

We can all use some inner peace right? I had not been to a workshop at Art & Creativity for Healing in a while and with my crazy life the past 6 months I have not really painted much. I had the morning open so I went to one of my favorite places to paint.

Here are my paintings for the day. Laurie Zagon’s method is really more about the process than the finished piece:

My Dark Side, My Light Side
11" x 14"
I feel that we are all born “light” but certain experiences and events that happen in our lives form our “dark side”. Some people keep them completely separate, some cannot control which side is there at any moment, some stay more in the dark the light briefly shines through and some try to stay mostly in the light and only let the dark show through when needed… especially when dealing with someone else from the dark side.

Birth Purpose
14" x 18"
Two big questions… What is your birth purpose? And Why? I have asked the question so many times… I think mine has to do with love, creativity and color… I want to use the experiences in my life to help others and for them to know that they are not alone in their struggles.

9" x 12"
This one was such a good topic to paint yesterday. I have painted this before, but this time my feelings on the subject were so different than before. What does it feel like when you let go of one trapeze and grab onto the next? That feeling of the space in-between. 
When I painted this before I was always thinking that this part would be very scary and perhaps that is why I was afraid to jump in the first place. But this time I realized that the truly scary part to me was not the part in between, but the initial jump. Once you get the courage to jump… it is too late to go back… you have to keep going and make some split second decisions. Yes, you still have some fear but much of it dripped away when your feet left the platform. In many ways once you are in mid-air you have to get out of your head, have faith and trust in yourself to know when to grab onto the next trapeze.

Let Go and Let God
4' x 6"
The workshops usually end with a uplifting little piece to sum up the day.
I painted all of me, the light, the dark and in-between asking God to guide me where He wants me to go!

I love the work of Art & Creativity for Healing and Laurie Zagon. I am also certified in the Zagon Method. If you are interested in holding a workshop for your organization, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Have a great week…

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Diane said...

Wish I lived closer, would sign up today! Love this post, the paintings and comments are so inspiring,


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