Thursday, January 5, 2012

I HeArt Fridays!

I love hearts. I love to find hearts in nature... thanks to Kelly Rae Roberts. It is fun to really look and see how many you find once you pay attention. Friends have told me how they have now started to see more hearts as they have become more aware! I <3 that!

Fridays are going to be " I heArt Fridays". I will post a heart or 2 that I have found in nature. At first I was going to do one each Friday. But I already have so many that I have never shared that I thought I would get off to a great start and share more than one today... so here goes:

When my friend came to visit last month we were walking into my drive way and she looked up and said " Mare look you have had a heart right here and you never noticed it!"

 This one was at the Lego Store!

 I posted this on Facebook but not on my blog... it was on my windshield one morning.
I love this one... it was on the back of the toilet when I took my class with Flora Bowley!
 I much prefer seeing this heart in the ash urn than cigarette butts!

This one was part of the sidewalk. 

Take a closer look and notice the love around you this weekend!

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