Monday, November 21, 2011

Flora Bowley Bloom True - Second Phase

Flora did not want us to get too attached to our paintings just yet. She stopped us all from painting and told us to choose one painting to "gift" to our neighbor to our right. I did not have a hard time choosing. I liked the painting that I gifted, yet I felt is was too chaotic... perhaps a reflection of my life?
I kept my first painting and here are a few more steps:

 This was the painting I decided to "gift"...
 This was the painting that I received:
It was so interesting to receive a painting from someone else. I usually do not use a lot of blue so this was a complete departure to what I am use to and comfortable with for that matter.

It was at this time that we broke for lunch! But just before lunch if we were stuck Flora would say "make a bold move". My bold move was adding in all of the white for some contrast!

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