Sunday, November 27, 2011

Flora Bowley Bloom True - Final Phase

After our lunch break we got back to work. If we were stuck, Flora would urge us to "make a bold move".
Here are my final stages of each painting:

 and the progression of the piece that was gifted to me...

My finished pieces and the amazing Flora Bowley. If you ever have the chance to take one of her workshops do not even think twice. It was such a rewarding experience!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hope you had a sweet Thanksgiving!

A vendor brought Thanksgiving in a box from The Great Dane Baking Co. In Huntington Beach, CA. as a treat at work.
Sweet creativity in a box! My favorite was the mashed potatoes and gravy.. it was yummy! I hope you all had a safe, sweet Thanksgiving. It has been a rough few months for us over here but I have to say I loved hearing my kids laugh today. I am so thankful for so much in my life right now and for all of the people who have reached out to help us.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Flora Bowley Bloom True - Second Phase

Flora did not want us to get too attached to our paintings just yet. She stopped us all from painting and told us to choose one painting to "gift" to our neighbor to our right. I did not have a hard time choosing. I liked the painting that I gifted, yet I felt is was too chaotic... perhaps a reflection of my life?
I kept my first painting and here are a few more steps:

 This was the painting I decided to "gift"...
 This was the painting that I received:
It was so interesting to receive a painting from someone else. I usually do not use a lot of blue so this was a complete departure to what I am use to and comfortable with for that matter.

It was at this time that we broke for lunch! But just before lunch if we were stuck Flora would say "make a bold move". My bold move was adding in all of the white for some contrast!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Flora Bowley Bloom True

Flora Bowley. Amazing artist, woman and so wise for her age. A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of taking a 2 day workshop with Flora and many other amazing artists. Jenny Doh hosted the retreat at Studio Crescendoh. This painting retreat was my 50th birthday present to myself. A few months earlier on my actual birthday, my husband of 28 years had chosen that particular day to move out. The kids and I went to Disneyland to celebrate and I will always remember that day. A few weeks later, I received and email blast that Flora was coming to the OC. I literally went online at 8am and secured my spot. Then I had to wait 3 months... and what a crazy 3 months it was. A separation, finding a job, my son starting a new school, finding a temporary apartment for a month that accepted pets, packing up, having a garage sale ,finding a mover who would move, store and re-deliver our stuff (who was an absolute nightmare) finding a yearly rental that accepts pets, hostage negotiations with our mover once he had our goods in his possession, moving into the yearly rental, court dates, 5 different types of attorneys... But I believe everything happens for a reason and the retreat came at a perfect time.

We created 2 - 30" x 30" paintings overs the 2 days. Layers and layers upon layers of paint, texture and color.

Here are the first 3 steps of painting one:

 (after the first layer, we took a turn at each and every painting and then returned to our own)
 Painting two:

I will share more in a few days...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Good Morning!

This little heart greeted me this morning when I got into my car. I like to think that God is giving me little signs of love and encouragement to keep on going.


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