Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday, On a Budget...

All of a sudden I find myself trying to find clothes to wear to an office job. I am on a budget… as most people are, especially in this economy. I have a lot of sweaters and tops but not much in the way of slacks and skirts that are office appropriate. I have also lost weight and I am about 90 pounds. Time for some creativity. I went to the kids department at Macy’s. They had one style of pants that would pass for business and of course they had exactly one pair and of course it was not my size. So up to the junior department I went. Luckily this time of year there are great sales. I found one dress and one pair of cropped pants that fit and were on sale.

So here is my build-up of Monday’s outfit:
I found this dress… not really sure why it was in the junior department as I can not see any junior really wearing it.. But perhaps that is why it was waiting for me on the sale rack. Originally $54.00... on sale for $32.40. Today’s price was $27.00. Macy’s is notorious for sales… but there usually are so many disclaimers… you have to use your Macy’s charge and you have to buy it on this day at this time, etc… So I have made it a practice to just ask “ are there any coupons that would work for this item?’” Usually the clerk will try one of the zillion coupons at their register… Bingo it took another few dollars off and the final cost: $22.95! I love black and white together! The splash of bright green… one of my favorite colors was just a bonus.
Next I added this sweater… I had this in my closet already.. See the favorite color comment above.
My favorite platform shoes from last year…
My Harvey’s seatbelt bag in black and white from who knows how long ago… and voila:
The nice thing about living in a warmer climate is that I will be able to wear this dress into the Fall. I can add a pair of black pumps and perhaps a black sweater and make it work longer!

All part of my Not-So Simple Abundance plan. I did email Sarah Ban Breathnach to see if she had any problems with me using the Not-So before her trademarked Simple Abundance title… no answer yet!

Have a great week…

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