Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Disappointment and Loss

For many years, I was very involved with the organization Art and Creativity for Healing. I heard about AcH shortly after we moved from the East. I love this organization and the work that they do. I have taken almost every workshop that Laurie has created. I volunteered for the organization, was the first secretary for the HeArts Women’s Guild during the Guild’s inaugural years. I have facilitated workshops at non-profits agencies throughout Orange County. I hold a Certificate from Brandman/Chapman University in the Art for Healing Method. But over the last two years I pulled back on my volunteering and facilitating to focus on building Drawn to Color.

A few weeks ago I received an email introducing new workshops that Laurie had created. I had a certificate for a free workshop that I won at the last Girls Night Out fundraising event that I had attended. When I read the title “Disappointment & Loss”, I knew there was a reason this email arrived. I called Laurie and last week I attended the workshop.

There were 10 of us participating. Some faces I knew from before and some I met that night. We started the workshop and began to express our disappointment and loss through the expression of abstract colors on canvas.

Laurie’s work is process oriented, but as I have mentioned before sometimes the work that is produced is very powerful.

There is so much that I love about this amazing work. It does not matter how many workshops I have taken, sometimes I think that I know what I will process on a particular night. Once you get into the process and Laurie’s methods for facilitating, I am always amazed at what emotions come out and can be expressed through color and movement… an of course paint… nice thick paint!

Lost in Space

Signature Piece - Loss and Disappointment

Restored to Wholeness

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