Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Little Reds

Meet "Little Reds".....

I was inspired by The Flower Fields in Carlsbad when I created "Paint them Red". 

A client who found me through that post bought "Paint Them Red" and this piece has now found a new home in Northern California . So I created Little Reds, which is about 1/4 of the size of Paint Them Red. It is now mounted and framed and is for sale at Ornate Home on Balboa Island.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday, On a Budget...

All of a sudden I find myself trying to find clothes to wear to an office job. I am on a budget… as most people are, especially in this economy. I have a lot of sweaters and tops but not much in the way of slacks and skirts that are office appropriate. I have also lost weight and I am about 90 pounds. Time for some creativity. I went to the kids department at Macy’s. They had one style of pants that would pass for business and of course they had exactly one pair and of course it was not my size. So up to the junior department I went. Luckily this time of year there are great sales. I found one dress and one pair of cropped pants that fit and were on sale.

So here is my build-up of Monday’s outfit:
I found this dress… not really sure why it was in the junior department as I can not see any junior really wearing it.. But perhaps that is why it was waiting for me on the sale rack. Originally $54.00... on sale for $32.40. Today’s price was $27.00. Macy’s is notorious for sales… but there usually are so many disclaimers… you have to use your Macy’s charge and you have to buy it on this day at this time, etc… So I have made it a practice to just ask “ are there any coupons that would work for this item?’” Usually the clerk will try one of the zillion coupons at their register… Bingo it took another few dollars off and the final cost: $22.95! I love black and white together! The splash of bright green… one of my favorite colors was just a bonus.
Next I added this sweater… I had this in my closet already.. See the favorite color comment above.
My favorite platform shoes from last year…
My Harvey’s seatbelt bag in black and white from who knows how long ago… and voila:
The nice thing about living in a warmer climate is that I will be able to wear this dress into the Fall. I can add a pair of black pumps and perhaps a black sweater and make it work longer!

All part of my Not-So Simple Abundance plan. I did email Sarah Ban Breathnach to see if she had any problems with me using the Not-So before her trademarked Simple Abundance title… no answer yet!

Have a great week…

Friday, August 26, 2011

My Star....

I have been super busy this week with a lot of changes going on over here, some I can talk about and some I can't yet. You may have to wait to read my book... I should say our book. It is going to be a Mother/Daughter book, we had this idea that one side is my story and then you flip the book over and read her story. While we are writing that masterpiece you can listen to this:
 She can even go higher... and the higher she goes the sweeter her voice gets!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Always an Artist

Last Friday I had a job interview and we met at a local coffee shop. When my new boss picked up her drink I noticed this heart in the froth. So me being the artist, I quickly got out my phone and asked if i could take a picture? 

Not sure if it was the most appropriate interview practice, but it is the real me!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


This is my daughter's first You Tube Video. She has an amazing voice and a sweet personality to go with it!

Ever since she was little, no matter where we were... a store, the post office, just doing our errands, people would stop in their tracks and comment on her voice. After many years of waiting for someone who promised to "get her into the recording studio" she is taking the matter into her own hands. Please tell your friends... if Justin can do it so can Nina Maria!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

His path...

I  sketched this piece a long time ago and I gave everyone a first glimpse in this post
This is my progression over the past few months:

I forgot to take some pictures of the last few steps but I finished the piece and I picked it up from the photographer today:

It really does not need much explanation... 
I ask for His guidance every morning and every night...

The original is available as well as Fine Art Prints and Giclees on Canvas...Please email me if you are interested!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Disappointment and Loss

For many years, I was very involved with the organization Art and Creativity for Healing. I heard about AcH shortly after we moved from the East. I love this organization and the work that they do. I have taken almost every workshop that Laurie has created. I volunteered for the organization, was the first secretary for the HeArts Women’s Guild during the Guild’s inaugural years. I have facilitated workshops at non-profits agencies throughout Orange County. I hold a Certificate from Brandman/Chapman University in the Art for Healing Method. But over the last two years I pulled back on my volunteering and facilitating to focus on building Drawn to Color.

A few weeks ago I received an email introducing new workshops that Laurie had created. I had a certificate for a free workshop that I won at the last Girls Night Out fundraising event that I had attended. When I read the title “Disappointment & Loss”, I knew there was a reason this email arrived. I called Laurie and last week I attended the workshop.

There were 10 of us participating. Some faces I knew from before and some I met that night. We started the workshop and began to express our disappointment and loss through the expression of abstract colors on canvas.

Laurie’s work is process oriented, but as I have mentioned before sometimes the work that is produced is very powerful.

There is so much that I love about this amazing work. It does not matter how many workshops I have taken, sometimes I think that I know what I will process on a particular night. Once you get into the process and Laurie’s methods for facilitating, I am always amazed at what emotions come out and can be expressed through color and movement… an of course paint… nice thick paint!

Lost in Space

Signature Piece - Loss and Disappointment

Restored to Wholeness

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Chicken Almond Salad Veronique

This recipe was given to me by my friend Eileen. I love Chicken Salad, but this is absolutely my favorite recipe. My kids love it too. 

Whenever I make this recipe I think of my friend Eileen, who I have not seen in many years. I always laugh when I think of this story… she was Irish and she only made two recipes with garlic, this being one. She was telling me that the grocer never charges her for the garlic because it does not even register on the scale. I was dumbfounded… Check out my last name… garlic is a mainstay in my house. Eileen, I said “how can it not register on the scale. It is a head of garlic… it has some weight.” She replied… “Oh I don’t buy the whole head… I just buy one clove.” I burst out laughing… I had never heard or even thought of buying ONE single clove of garlic. Years later this recipe still brings fond memories of me picturing her at the register with one clove of garlic!

Cook the Chicken Breasts. I try to plan ahead and if I am grilling the night before I cook the chicken at the same time, place it in the refrigerator overnight and cut it into bite size pieces the next day.

In a large bowl, stir together the Herb Mayonnaise:
½ cup Mayo, 1 teaspoon dried dill, 1 small garlic clove, minced and ¼ cup sour cream

Add 2 Tablespoons fresh Parsley

Add the chicken
½ Cup Sliced Almonds and 1 Cup Seedless Green Grapes

Mix well. I usually like to let it sit in the refrigerator a few hours to let the flavors blend. 
Over the years I have also doubled the ingredients for the Herb Mayonnaise as we like it a bit juicier!

I serve the Chicken salad with pita bread! 
It is truly a great summer meal at home or on a picnic!

Enjoy and think of my friend Eileen when you buy your one or two cloves of garlic!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Save Yourself

I created this piece a few years ago and it is a mantra that I keep repeating to myself. Lately I have received some kind words and prayers from people that I recently met or barely know. It really gives restores my faith in humanity. When I went through cancer there were people that I thought would reach out to help and I was surprised that they did not ... or at least not like how I imagined. But for each person that disappointed there was another who surprised me and stepped up to the plate without asking. I know I must save myself, but knowing there are people praying for me and my kids and sending kind words certainly helps give us strength.

Thank you...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Colors of Fun

This Sunday I will be asking artists young and old to paint the question: “what does fun look like?”  I will be helping everyone get out of their left brains and into their right for a day of fun and creativity at Chuck Jones Big Draw. 

The event runs from 11-5 at the South Coast Collection 3303 Hyland Avenue in Costa Mesa.

Everyone will learn how to draw Bugs Bunny at 2:00 while setting a Guinness World Record for the most people taking an art class in one venue!

I will also facilitate afternoon workshops in torn paper collage… “Torn Paper Love”

Bring the family for a day of fun and creativity… I hope to see you there!

Check out Chuck Jones Blog Chuck Redux for more information and EventComplete to register…


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