Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Wedding Gift...

My niece got married in May. It was a beautiful wedding. When we went back East for Christmas I asked her to give me her favorite quote about love. When she sent me the quote… I about fell over… could she have chosen a longer one? But in fairness to her, she did not know why I was asking for a quote anyway.

A cousin had cross-stitched our wedding invitation into a sampler and it was such a perfect gift. I wanted to create a remembrance for Gina and Jason too!I thought I had taken more photos of my progress but I guess I just took mental ones because they did not show up on my camera!

I saved their invitation, reception card, shower invite. I used a map of New York State and papers that related to family, congratulations and love. My daughter and I found this postcard of New York State at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena and found the May calendar at an antique shop in Old Towne Orange. The calendar was from 1966, but the 14th fell on a Saturday that year also. My daughter also found this door card with the adorable newlyweds! Gina wanted roses for her flowers and the silver circle was the sticker on the back of their invitations. The two hearts interwoven together was their “theme”!

Gina and Jason love blue… their bridesmaids wore blue. The bride wore blue shoes too! I wanted the background to be their favorite color.

The quote was a long one. I sectioned off the piece so I could fit in all the words.

This is the finished piece... Gina also loves anything that sparkles... I received a sample of Tri-Art Spectral Colour acrylic polymer emulsion in Silver during the Craft and Hobby Winter Show... I added some additional "sparkle" with this new product!

The next day we all met at her parent’s house and they opened their presents. I love to watch people when they look at a piece for the first time. They see the first layer and then as they look closer they discover the layers underneath and usually get excited… almost like when looking at the “I spy” books.

I believe in love, I believe in marriage and my wish for them is that they will always be as happy as on the day of their wedding.

Congratulations Gina and Jason<3

If you have a favorite quote or are looking for a custom piece to commemorate a special event please do not hesitate to email me at mb (at) drawntocolor (dot) com

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Mary said...

what a beautiful wedding present...congrats to the couple!

hope you had a wonderful 4th.


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