Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thank you FaceBook

I joined facebook awhile ago and I have to say that for the most part I have had a good experience with it. I found many friends from high school and some have found me. There have been a few that after being “friends” with them for awhile I realized that we really did not have that much in common in high school and still don‘t.

I do love being able to stay in contact with my nieces and other family and friends. One of my high school art buddies found me awhile ago. As it turns out she is living in the Inland Empire. Thirty two  years later and 2600 miles from our hometown and we live about an hour from each other! I received an email yesterday that she was going to be at the beach and did I want to meet her there?

I got an early morning call that someone wanted to see the house, so those of you selling a house know that that trumps almost all plans!  I should have called her before she left for the beach at 10am but I did not. By the time I could get to the beach it was around 2:00. I left a message on her cell and a text… technology is great. No answer. 

I walked down to the beach and realized that this was going to be like finding a needle in a haystack. A person that I have not seen in 32 years at the beach on a Sunday in July! I called her cell phone number again. Then I decided to try the other number I had for her. Yeah her daughter answered. She confirmed that Sue was at the beach and told me she was wearing a black bathing suit and she liked to look for beach glass. Okay, so now I am looking for a black bathing suited needle in a haystack! I walked up and down the beach. Plopped myself down and enjoyed the beach for awhile. Bravely asking one woman in a black bathing suit if her name was Sue? No but she and her friend enjoyed the story anyway!  I had started a conversation with a woman who was enjoying the beach next to me and she offered to watch my things while I took another stroll down the beach.

I checked my phone and Sue had left a text and was in the process of leaving a voice mail when I quickly called her. They were just leaving the beach but we agreed to meet at the Shake Shack for a quick visit. We only had a short time but together but it was so nice to see her again. I met her son and her friend and her kids. We are going to get together again when we can really catch up.

When I went back down to the beach to pick up my chair, I thanked the woman for watching my stuff and we continued to chat about what we did. She started to tell me and I heard the words creativity and sketch and as you can imagine we had a great deal in common. We exchanged information and both commented that there was a reason we met today.

I love that… when people come into your lives or back into your lives at just the right time.

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