Friday, June 3, 2011

Larger than Life

Two weeks ago today I had so much fun. I attended the workshop at CREATE with Alisa Burke. I have always wanted to paint BIG. The largest canvas that I have done is a 30” x 40”. Recently, I have had this urge to “throw” paint so I decided to sign up for Alisa’s class.

When we moved to California in 2003, the home that we were renting had ugly tile floors. I bought this roll of canvas and painted a floor cloth for our kitchen. I currently use it in my studio: 

I took the remaining roll of canvas to the workshop. Alisa started the class with a demonstration and then she set us free.  I found myself standing there trying to figure out how big to cut the piece of canvas. Definitely stuck in my left brain…

Finally after wasting about 10 minutes, I told myself that I have always wanted to paint big. The floors were covered with plastic. I can always paint smaller later. Just cut the canvas and START.

I cut the canvas 52" x 50":

 and started:
I loved that Alisa really had no “rules” she gave us suggestions and ideas and guidance if we needed it, but it was a day of play.
Opening our minds to other materials that we may not have thought of using.
Also a way to use up our old supplies.
Layers and texture and pattern and color… oh my!
After lunch Alisa gave us another demonstration regarding the focal point and center of interest of our piece.
Again, not a “do it this way“, but more of a think about it and be more deliberate about this part of the piece.
I chose to add some large flowers across the center of the canvas.
 Added some colorful "centers".
I have been reading one of Kelly Rae Robert’s favorite books: Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach… it has set me on the path of trying to re-discover MY authentic self. I had to include these few words that meant so much to me when I read them: denial to acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity.

Now the last decision is always when do you know when the piece is done? As I stood back and no impulses were coming to me regarding adding anything else I had my answer.
What a fun day!

When I told a few people in the know that I was taking a class with Alisa Burke the response was “you will love her… she is such a sweetheart”. I have to say they were right. The internet can introduce us to people we have never met and we may get a glimpse about their personalities, but there is something about spending time with a person and having that experience that is still so important and powerful. If you have a chance to take one of Alisa’s many classes… go for it… I may even meet you there!

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Kelly said...

And so what are you going to do with your big big canvas? I love it and I can totally feel the energy in you through it!


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