Saturday, June 4, 2011

It Was Worth It!

Are you the person that is always asking your kids to pose for a picture to celebrate an event or just because today is Saturday?  I have always loved taking photos. Sure, I get the rolling of the eyes, the “come on Mom” but I keep asking and snapping anyway. This past week was one of those times that made it all worth it. For the past 13 years I have taken a first day of school photo of my daughter. Well except for this past year… I missed the first day, but it was a “close to the first day of school” photo.

Thursday she graduated from high school! Yeah. I found all of the photos…with exception of one year… She was entering 8th grade. I looked all over for that photo. Then I remembered, that year, the first day of school was about two weeks after my 8th chemo treatment. So that could mean either she did not want her photo taken that year, I forgot.. Chemo brain anyone… or I did take one and it will show up when she graduates from college! Luckily I had taken another photo close to that time which has become the “stand in”.

This is the culmination of 13 years of the “First Day” and of course her final day and what all of those other firsts led up to!

As a Junior she transferred to the Early College High School in our district. This is an amazing program. Students take both high school and college courses. She graduated with her high school diploma and almost 30 college credits. She wants to study Psychology to become a Marriage and Family Therapist and maybe an Art Therapist. She also wants to own her own Candy Store someday. She can counsel her patients and after their sessions they can purchase candy… sounds like a good plan!

We are so proud!


Mary said...

i wish i had taken pictures of my kids first day of school...i did a few, but the good intentions well...

this is a wonderful collage of photos of sweet memories.

congrats to her and youngest just finished her first year of collage

oh, i was browsing through the latest issue of somerset studio and came across you lovely painting, fear less, love more.

grace and peace

Laura Catherine O said...

What a beautiful daughter you have! I love this idea and you've inspired me to do this...xo


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