Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Plaster in Wax - Piece 3

I received some flowers years ago and the box that they came in had this great stencil cut out of the side of the box. I saved the stencil, hey you never know when it will come in handy. When collecting my supplies for my encaustic class I decided to take this one with me.

I started with a white background of wax with just a touch of the green running through it:

Pan pastels filled in the stencil for the rose petals:

I scribed a deep line around the petals and used black oil bar to accent the grooves. I found a piece of gauze in my bag and added it for some texture. Someone else in the class had created a great piece using string so I found some of that in my bag too and added the accent along the bottom:

My number one cancer lesson has always been to take time to smell the flowers.  I added the title with rub ons… which reminds me of design school… I can not tell you how much money we spent on Letraset fonts and tape for our projects. I still was not happy with the piece, yet not really knowing what was really needed. My oil bars were sitting on the table… red…lets add some red. I like the juxtaposition of red and purple. That was the addition that the piece needed.

We all need to “Take Time” to smell the roses!

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