Monday, May 23, 2011

CREATE - Plastered in Wax

We have been very busy around here and I have so much to catch up on with all of you. We went back East for our niece’s wedding, we were literally on the ground for 32 hours and then flew right back to Cali. The wedding was beautiful. I created a special piece for their wedding gift which I will share, but today I want to tell you about the fun I had last week. I do not have funds to travel to an art retreat so I was so happy when Cloth, Paper, Scissors announced that the Create retreat would be in my backyard! Well of course not literally in my backyard but 10 minutes away.  I signed up for two classes. The first was Plastered in Wax with Trish Baldwin Seggebruch. I have been interested in the encaustic process for some time, but the fear of new territory had me in its grip. I much prefer to take a class and learn the do’s and don’ts from an expert. What a blast this class was. Trish is so personable and fun. She did some demos and then set us free. She was always available to help us and impart her knowledge. I created 5 pieces, but today I will share this one with you. This piece was the last that I worked on. Trish said to just lay down some color and with no expectations see where the piece went. I followed her advice and "Falling" developed!

Laying down color

Using the heat gun to set the layer

Adding wood icing over a window screen and circle stencil

adding color with pan pastels

more color with pan pastels and oil bar

metallic  accents

finished and buffed to a sheen!
Trish teaches many workshops… if you ever have the chance do not hesitate to take one. Check out her encaustic camp coming this summer you will not be sorry!

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