Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Every year I ask my kids if they want to color eggs... I was secretly wishing that they would say "no" not this year. But they did NOT say "no". So I bought 18 eggs...a few always crack... my thinking being if a few crack then hopefully I end up with each kid coloring 6! This year I purchased the PAAS tie dye package. I love tie dye... I was born in '61!

I hard-boiled the eggs and as usual a few cracked. We started the coloring and the tie dying. I told them that they could do them that I did not want to color any. Well...that did not last long... it looked like so much fun that I could not resist. Before you know it I had created 4. It was! 

As Moms, we do things for our kids, but in doing so we really are doing something for ourselves! 

The green one is my son's, I thought it was essential to the composition of the photo!!

Have a Happy Easter!

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