Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cupcakes Anyone?

Who does not love cupcakes? I know I love them.

I went to a luncheon meeting last week in Old Towne Orange... one of my favorite places in SoCal. I may have mentioned this before but every time I am there I feel like I am back in the Village of Williamsville. When I was walking to the restaurant I saw a sign that said "Food Network Winner". I had remembered reading about this shop but I guess I just forgot where it was.

After lunch I stopped into The Perfect Circle Cupcakery to buy dessert for that evening. 

Four of us... four cupcakes:
Red Velvet

24 Karat

Banana Bomb

Cookies and Cream
I split them each into four so we could have a little taste test:
The two winners from the show... if I have this correct were the 24 Karat and the Banana Bomb. They were hands down our favorites too! 

Yum... cupcake love!

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