Friday, April 22, 2011

Creativity: Where Did We Park?

A few years ago my friend and I took our kids to Disneyland. We parked in the Mickey and Friends ramp.. The largest in Orange County as a matter of fact. The kids were excited and the Mom’s were making sure we had everything and of course talking… talking… talking…

We paid attention to what level we had parked on and what row. After a full day at the park everyone was tired. We made it back to the correct level and the correct row, but the exact space in that row that was a little more difficult. As you can imagine the kids are each telling us where we parked and my friend and I are  trying to remember where we parked and wishing perhaps we paid just a little more attention in the beginning! My friend used the unlock button and we found the car!!

The next time my son and I went to Disneyland he had a great idea. “Mom take a picture of where we parked, so we will remember when we come back”… That was a great idea. I love when that happens…kids creative problem solving.

So now every time we go to that huge ramp, with rows and long rows I may add of cars, I take a picture.

Try it… it really is a great idea!!

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