Monday, February 21, 2011

Boring Boots?

Is it that time of year when you feel your wardrobe needs a little pick me up? Feeling that your Bearpaws or Uggs are a bit plain?

Let me color them up for you!

 You provide the boots... I provide the color... Contact me if you are interested! mb at

Stop back in to check on these... they are up next for some color!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mary H's Garden

A family friend sent me a package of her Mom's buttons after her Mom had passed away. I created this garden for her as a remembrance of her Mom.

Here is a quick progression of Mary H's Garden:

If you have a collection of buttons and you would like to commission your own special garden collage please email me at mb at and I would be more than happy to speak with you!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Color Me.... Surprised...

I usually sit down in the evening and watch TV and check the news updates online...multi-tasking as usual.  Last night, I was reading the OC Register while watching Donny Deutsch on Piers Morgan... why Donny is now called the "Love Guru" is beyond me... way beyond me... he was an advertising man so I guess it really is all about perception or maybe that is deception but anyway I digress.

I clicked on this article in the top news and let out a little squeal while looking at this photo of one of the many couples getting married on Valentine's Day.

My artwork is in the background! 

If you want to read about creation of Take These Rings click here....

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I had a great day and this made it even better!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Civic Duty...

Someone likes me… well I should say the court system seems to like me. I have received a jury summons many times in my life. I only “got out of it” one time and that was when I was undergoing my chemo treatments. After many times of receiving the summons and dutifully calling in each day I have now gone the approach of selecting a day to appear. I don’t remember that being offered when I lived in New York State but in California in Orange County it is an option.

I had to appear on Monday. I have to say they are really pretty organized here. After only about an hour of checking everyone in they started calling jurors. The first case was for a month… whew missed that one. I think they called two other cases and then my name was called.

I sat through a few hours of questioning prospective jurors… lunch time I was still not selected. After lunch they quickly agreed on all twelve jurors. Whew… But now they had to select alternates. They only had to select two, they randomly called a bunch of numbers (we now were only known as numbers no names anymore) that were allowed to go… their service was completely for another year at least. Of course my number was not called. Literally they went through about 5 of the remaining people who gave excuses as to why they could not serve. I have to say that some of the excuses are really LAME. I guess the one that gets me the most is the “I can not speak English well”. Anyway… one seat left… another number called… you guessed it MY NUMBER. I knew before I got up to the jury box that their jury was complete. I think the judge asked me 3 questions and both lawyers agreed the jury.

I had been questioned a few times for different juries. I have been on a jury for manslaughter and it was declared a mistrial… that one really is frustrating because they do not tell you why. I was on a felony drug, DUI, possession charge. Guilty. I have now moved up to a Murder trial, but never as an alternate.

So we listened to all of the evidence over a few days and when the evidence was presented and the closing arguments complete, the 12 jurors entered the deliberation room. Myself and the other alternate were sent home but still could not discuss anything about the case. We were on call in case one of the jurors could not complete their duty. That is the frustrating part of being an alternate. The good thing is you get to go home earlier but the bad thing is that you do not have a vote in the outcome. The next day the Bailiff called me to tell me the decision had been reached. He informed me that my jury service was complete and thanked me again for my time. I was now able to discuss the case. He told me the verdict reached. Guilty. Another murderer will be off of the streets. The system does work.

I usually am not thrilled when I receive my summons, but I have to tell you each time I am selected, the process is intriguing. What evidence can be brought into the trial and what can not. Who takes the stand and how each side works. It makes me want to be a prosecutor. The judge tells us that during the trial you can not discuss the case with anyone and you can not do any research on anything involving the case. I understand that. In this case it was a really good idea at least for the defendant. When I googled him after the trial was over… I found out a lot of unsavory info on this guy. Not his first time at the dance so to speak. So hopefully he will be behind bars for a long time.

If you receive a summons in the mail and you really do not have a good reason not to go, my suggestion would be to go and do your civic duty. Watch the system at work. In this case the jury may have just saved some other innocent life from being taken.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

CHA 2011 - LA

The Craft and Hobby Association Show was at the LA Convention Center this year. I only attended one day and boy was there a lot to pack in.

So where to start… well it seems like every artist out there has a stamp line! Suzi Blu, Melody Ross, Donna Downey and many others are co-branded with Unity Stamp Co. I love Claudine Hellmuth and I stopped by the Ranger booth while she was demonstrating.  
 She signed this little tag that she created with her stamps.

I love her… so pretty and gracious and a sense of humor to boot! I tried to meet Tim Holtz but the line of his adoring fans was a bit too long. I love his creativity and his displays. Here are a few shots of both:

I also caught Dyan Reaveley demonstrating at the Ranger booth. I just love her use of color:

Susan Lenart Kazmer had a great booth with wonderful jewelry and her Ice Resin product… I wanted to meet her but she was way to busy… which is a good thing!

One of my first make and take came from Bottle Cap Inc.  I love this little necklace and they had this great tool for punching the hole in the cap:

The Eyelet Outlet had a fun make and take… you got to fill up a package with products and take-it home to create:

Aren’t they fun!

The displays at CHA are so creative and fun. I had a ton of favorites but for some reason I really liked this one:

Graphic 45... Not sure if it was the colors or that it evoked a nostalgic feeling?

I also love the Jenni Bowlin Collection… her bingo cards and silhouettes… so fun…

Here are 2 shots from Ribbon Ring… They have a great way to hold and organize your ribbons but I really could not get past these displays…maybe it was because it was the end of the day and I wished these were real! They are all made from ribbon!

I loved this idea in the FabScraps booth:

And I could not resist their adorable felt heart!

I love paper… especially textured papers. I spent a bit of time in the Black Ink Creative International Papers Booth. I have used many of their papers in my work. I could just hear my husband “and you need more paper because?”

Anyway here are a few shots of paper heaven!

Another of my favorite stops was Lansing Blumenthal. I know I mentioned them last year too. 
This was our make and take this year:

I love buttons even more than paper… well maybe not more but at least as well… here are a few shots of guess what buttons!

I thought this was a cute giveaway from Petticoat Parlor… laser cuts for scrap booking!

I received some great chalk from Colorz Chalk… they produce any size, any shape and any color:

I can not wait to play with this… look at all of these colors!

I was given some new products to try fromTri-Art that are distributed through Jack Richeson:

I thought this next product was absolutely fun... look at this beautiful ...FELT from Kunin Felt! Made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles!!

Now I love the name of this company:

They are right in my backyard in Lake Forest. This year they are teaming up with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and will be donating $10,000.
They have 5 survivors in their company.

I created this make and take at Faber-Castell near the end of the day… when my feet, back and arm were super tired:

The last two things I want to share with you are my last minute meeting with Suede

He was very nice to Mary Beth.. (if you remember from Project Runway… he always referred to himself in the 3rd person).

I have to show one of my favorite displays… mostly because I love buttons as mentioned earlier and of course you all know that I love color… it was in the James Button and Trim booth:
To die for I tell you…if only it fit!!

Lastly...I found another heart to add to my collection… a heart in the bathroom at CHA!!

What I have shown here is just a tiny bit of this incredible show. Next year it will be in Anaheim so I am hoping that I can attend more than one day.

I hope you enjoy my tour of the show!!


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