Friday, January 21, 2011


I have been working on my new website. For… a… long… time…. But I think we are getting close to launching… YEAH! While putting everything together… and trying to show that I have been an artist all of my life… I have been looking at many of my old art pieces and projects. At least those that I saved or took slides of. Yes slides… way back when… when I was applying to design school… we presented our work both in an actual portfolio and then we also had to submit slides. I have had these slides for a long time. I recently mailed them to ScanCafé. They professionally scan your slides to a DVD so that now you can have them for posterity… or at least until the next wave of technology comes around.
Many of the slides are from Parsons School of Design and my years in their BFA Program. In my first year of the program we were given the assignment of metamorphosis. I know I have the actual lesson somewhere but I will give you the highlights. We were to start with a 6” cube or 6” sphere and over the course of 6 steps our cube or sphere had to transform into something else. I think we could use any material that we wanted. So Heather, my room mate and I went to our favorite gathering stores in NYC when we had a project like this. Canal Street… We would frequent a great hardware store there and of course Pearl Paint. I love both hardware and art stores and office supply stores… anyway. I remember seeing chicken wire and steel wool… Bingo… they would be my materials. I do not remember what Heather ended up with for this project. So we went back to our dorm and I cut 36 - 6” x 6” squares of the chicken wire and proceeded to solder them together with a small soldering gun. I balled up the steel wool for the first cube. The steel wool progressively grew and started popping the chicken wire cubes… so that by the 6th step the cube had been completely taken over by the steel wool.

Now up to this point in the year… I can not remember exactly how far in were, but I really had not had many breakout ideas and projects. It also was design school so think of …. Simon Cowell times 6 instructors. If you were not crying at the end of your critique… well they had just not done their job well.
We displayed our projects and then we would sit on the floor and they would walk by each piece and… tear it apart!!! They did not always know whose project was whose which was usually good. They had gotten to mine and they asked “Whose is this?” I raised my hand and they said “No… whose is this?” … “This is yours?” I stood up and said “yes… it is mine.” I explained that my metamorphosis was “cancer”. “Wow, great work.” and they moved on! They liked it. It was my first “A” and it was also accepted into the end of year show. It was one of my favorite projects and I guess that “Ah ha” moment when you are doubting yourself  that tells you to keep going… that you are in the right place… on the right path.

Now…years later, what I find so … what is the right word… interesting… I guess… is that for about 7 to 9 years this was happening in MY body. Not at the same time of course but that I thought of cancer at that time and really did not have any exposure to it at that young age of 19. This is exactly what cancer does… it grows… exponentially and takes over. I wish that my only exposure to cancer was this hypothetical project… but no one is really that lucky as this insidious beast usually touches everyone’s life or the lives of their loved ones at some point.

I will share more of my Parsons Portfolio over the course of time and I also had some fun slides of when I was little transferred to the DVD too.
Obviously I was drawn to color at a young age!!

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