Friday, December 10, 2010

Angel Anthology - Week Two

This week we added the body and wings…
This is Fleur de Lis Angel… Week Two….

I wanted this angel to be facing toward the viewer. Her dress is this great paper that I have… but the paper was white so I made a cup of tea and dyed it to get this color. I loved the texture that it gives her dress. I used a small piece of bamboo reed for her neckline.

This is the Angel of Love… Week Two…

I wanted this angel to be sideways to the viewer. This was also some great textured paper that I have.. It was Kraft paper brown. I added of one my favorite colors… alizarin crimson as well as some ecru. I have a few boxes of “Tindra” that I purchased from IKEA long ago. When I pulled out the boxes the colors were perfect. I used these to create her wings and her arms.

I saved bits and pieces of old toys that were either broken or the kids did not play with anymore. Her collar or neckpiece is from GI Joe’s ammunition… I thought the juxtaposition of weapons and angels was interesting.

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