Thursday, December 16, 2010

Angel Anthology - Week Three

Week Three was hard for me… I do not particularly like to draw faces. I do not know why… maybe it is because I have to concentrate too much!

This is Fleur de Lis Angel… Week Three….

I drew my first face and then drew a few others. I ended up with my first one, but I just had to play around with the scale of her head. I added her arms. It was a little tricky because I have these beautiful beaded wings that I want to use but I do not want to paint over them so I had to create her arms but not really have the wings in front of her arms.

Next we were supposed to start adding some color. The modeling paste is a very different surface than I am used to working on. I do like how the color gets into the grooves of the modeling paste though. I darken up her dress and rubbed color into the “Fleur” and a slight whitewash over her face. I like when other artists whitewash their work to give it that shabby chic look, but it is not my usual style so I had a hard time with that.

This is the Angel of Love… Week Three…

I wanted this angel looking up, I asked my daughter to model for me so I could have a visual to draw from. After I took the picture I liked how the coloring worked with the dress. I asked her permission to use her in my piece. Hey it saved me from having to draw another face…arghhh…
In the photo, her hair was cut off abruptly, so I used another copy of the photo and cut more hair.

I started to add color… still no whitewash… but I used ecru and raw umber and some alizarin crimson to built up my color layers.

I have finished both angels and I will share them soon...

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