Friday, December 3, 2010

An Angel Anthology - Week One

Awhile back I blogged about Jenny Doh and the new venture that she left her Editor Post at Stampington & Company to start.  Well the company, Crescendoh, is formed, the website is up and now there is an additional benefit: Crescendoh Creative Lab. I joined the Creative Lab and signed up for my first online class with Pam Carriker. "An Angel’s Anthology". The class was four weeks long… in fact we just finished our last online lesson. I did pretty well up to week 3 and now I have fallen behind a bit… but I will finish.

I thought I would give a sneak peek over the next week or so… this may also help me to finish them up.

I have been working on finishing a cross-stitch Christmas stocking that I literally started about 9 years ago… I am so close… so close to finishing. But back to the Angels:

I chose to work on two at a time. I wanted one with more muted colors and then the other with more of my color palette.

The class is about creating with the ephemera that we as artists have collected over time… and actually using them in our art!

This is or will be... "Fleur de Lis Angel"… Week One:

This is or will be..."Angel of Love"… Week One:

Let me know what you think as I progress....

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LZagon said...

Hi Mary Beth-
Love what you are doing!

Have a wonderful holiday season!!



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