Sunday, December 19, 2010

Angel Anthology - Week Four - Finished!

Our final week of the online Angel Anthology class we added more color and any finishing touches…

This is Fleur de Lis Angel… Week Four….

I have had these great beaded pieces for ever… We were supposed to use items that we had collected… instead of leaving them in drawers and packed away we were actually urged to use them in this Anthology.

I did not want any paint on them so I had to work around everything and add them at the end.

This is the Angel of Love… Week Four…

I added her crown and some accents of color. I felt she needed something in her arms so I found these flowers and thought they looked appropriate.

Thank you to Crescendoh Creative Lab and to Pam Carriker... I enjoyed the class immensely. It pushed me to try different techniques than I am used to and I met some new online art friends in the process.

I hope you enjoyed watching the creation of my angels over the past month. I wish everyone a blessed and safe Christmas. Enjoy this time with the Angels in your life..


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