Monday, November 29, 2010

All Buttoned Up!

Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine sent out a call for submissions… This time the topic was “All Buttoned Up”. They wanted our best buttoned-up piece of art…

My first idea was to paint a background heart in watercolor and then fill the entire heart with buttons….

Once I had the background painted and my buttons laid out, it just was not looking like what I had envisioned in my mind… Has that ever happened to you? You have this idea… but when you try to make it come to fruition it just does not seem to have the same impact.

So I put it to the side and started again.

This time I started with a watercolor/ink painted background. 

I have been playing around with this idea of weaving the paper… so I used a deckle ruler instead of hand tearing like I normally do. 

I created somewhat even strips and then wove them together..

Once I was happy with how they were woven together I glued the back to keep them in line.  

I played around with the direction that I wanted my heart to be.

I tore the edges to create my heart.

I had glued torn tissue paper to watercolor paper for the background. I love tissue paper. You can build color by layers…
I adhered my heart to the background and let it dry thoroughly.

Once I decided I liked this idea better I selected the buttons that I wanted from my original piece and sewed them on the edges of the heart.

I present “you have my love all buttoned up”

original is 10" x 10"

Here are a few close ups...

close up at the top left

 close up of  heart bottom

It was not selected for publication…

The good news in that is I can now offer prints on Etsy… it is also available in Gallery Wrapped Giclees and the original is available too!!

Who has your love all buttoned up?

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