Friday, September 24, 2010

Need a Psychic?

Do you need guidance with color? With design? Do I have the person for you…

Jennifer Comfort… The Color Psychic…

She comes from a family of artists as her biography states… I would know this fact even if I did not read her website or blog… no… I am not psychic… she is my niece!
I love how this pose is similar to her profile pic!!
She has always loved art… she makes great dolls… and jewelry…  she is the one that originally introduced me to the magazine Cloth, Paper, Scissors… and if you read this blog you will know what a fortunate introduction that has been.

I absolutely love her posts on her blog… I struggle with things to post and from this side of the computer it looks like she has no struggle in that area at all.

So if you need an architectural color consultant… if you are trying to make some “green” changes in your home…if you want to learn about olioboards…or you just want a fun, uplifting read….

please check her out…

I just love what she did with this powder room….

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