Friday, July 2, 2010

Planning your Life....

I am a planner but there is a part of my life… our life that was not planned well…. That would be the months of May and June… I can not tell you how happy I am to have made it through to another July and this post does not have to do with being a cancer survivor.

Some of the planning… most of the planning was out of our hands… my birthday… my husband’s birthday… the kids birthday’s… it is just life.

But I and I should say both of us feel that a gun goes off on May 4th with our son’s birthday and then our life is crazy until the end of June. 

This year it started with Prom on May 1st..
May 4th… our son’s birthday
May 9th… my husband’s birthday
May ? … Mother’s Day… which this year fell on the same day as the above mentioned birthday…
Then we have a small reprieve to fit in the kids party and stuff going on at school....
Memorial Day weekend
First week of June….our daughter’s last week of school and activities
June 7th… our daughter’s birthday
June 11th… our anniversary
June 15th… my birthday
June?… Father’s Day…which sometimes falls on my birthday
Third week of June…our son’s last week of school and activities…
Last week of June… oh my… the kids are off now how do I fit the stuff in that I did while they were at school?

Finally we are to July and we can breathe… not only are those two months busy but they can get expensive… we joke that we have to save the whole year for those 2 months. Now I am sure many of you have the same only different months of the year… two of my nieces are in December and so is my father-in-law and then Christmas and New Years… ahhh

In looking at the above list I guess the only thing we could have really planned better would have been our anniversary… but I wanted a June wedding and thought wouldn’t it be great to be on our honeymoon for my birthday? Which was fun….

So if you visit this blog often and think well… she has not posted since her birthday… this is why… I also had a big commission during this time which I finished and took to the photographer yesterday…Crazy me...I also signed up for an e-course from KellyRaeRoberts during the past five weeks... Today I have my annual CT Scans which are a few months overdue… This weekend I am really looking forward to resting… relaxing… enjoying some fireworks..

Happy 4th to all and bring on a relaxing summer….

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