Tuesday, May 4, 2010


RSVP…répondez s'il vous plait… please respond….

This is one of my pet peeves…. It means please respond… it does not mean everyone else should respond, but not YOU.

I do not get it… unless of course the people that do not respond have perhaps NEVER thrown a party.

I admit it I am a perfectionist, and I have gone my Mother-in-law’s school of Italian entertaining since I was 15…

If you are going to throw a party. DO IT RIGHT. You want enough food for everyone… enough favors for everyone….or gift bags for the kiddos….

Now I may have missed a few RSVPS’ in my life, but not many… perhaps when I was on my 6th round of chemo and my brain was not functioning…

I understand what a pain it is to have to chase down people and what planning a party entails.

Maybe people think “well I am only one person… one RSVP won’t matter”… that may be true, but if even 10% of the invites think that, well it could be a disaster.

You can never really trust the “regrets only” after the RSVP… the only way that works is if people actually would always respond!

I have called and left messages and people still do not respond… I even used email this time for the people that can’t bear to have to say no over the phone.. still a few no responses. I know for certain even weddings that have everything printed except for the person’s name and how many are attending sometimes do not get sent back!

So do you plan for them to come… spend more on food, entertainment, favors, gift bags? Or do you take the risk that their kid shows up to your party and you have no room for them, no gift bag and let them learn the hard way because their parents have no etiquette? Of course their parents may not know what that word means either….

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