Monday, May 24, 2010

Crescendoh Launch Party

Friday night I had the pleasure of being at the Launch Party. First of all it was held in Orange, CA.. which is the most amazing little town… every time I drive into this town I am immediately transported to my beloved Williamsville, NY. The quaint streets and turn of the century bungalows and homes. I LOVE IT.

Okay back to the launch…. It was so amazing to be surrounded by so many creative individuals. We were given these amazing name badges… how creative are these????
Then into the main event… great music, food a make and take and a ton of mingling.

Jenny Doh gave her presentation about the start of her new venture and Suzi Blu and Melody Ross both spoke of their “Art Saves” stories. Head on over to Suzi’s website and she has a video that explains it all…

I sat with Amanda… an editor of Green Craft… one of the Stampington Publications… our paths have crossed a few times now. I met a few other editors, artists and photographers from the magazine all there to support Jenny.

Everyone signed there messages to Jenny to mark this momentous occasion on this fabulous art quilt.

Here is a photo of some of the creatives at the event… Jenny is on the left, Suzi Blu with her Gigi and Melody in the back right.
Your truly with Melody... what a lady... I would love to attend one of her Brave Girl Retreats....

On the way out we received a goodie bag with these products:

I can wait to use the funky love punch!!!

So keep checking in on Crescendoh and their “Art Saves” movement… if you have an Art Saves story… send it in…

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I don’t know about you but sometimes I wonder if I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. Not in the every day I guess, but in life. I have asked God for guidance throughout my life, but it was not until I got sick that I really asked Him to let me follow His plan. I feel there is always a reason for things to happen… I always say I have a list of questions that I would like to ask when my time comes… for those events that I still do not understand.

During my cancer treatment I immersed myself in art. I rediscovered my love for collage. I set new goals for myself in life… number one being staying healthy so I can accomplish the other goals…. while each night asking God to guide me and help me use the talents and abilities He gave me to my best potential. Each day I try to remember the lessons that He taught me through my cancer treatment.

Since September 2007 I have been trying to build my mixed media collage portfolio and my name as an artist… not just a designer. There have been many people who have encouraged me along the way in this new endeavor. Yet as usual in life there have been many that have criticized me or told me “you should do this..."  ”you should change your work to look like this…”

I am moving slowly in this new world of art and mixed media. I do not work at it full-time… I am remembering the lesson of balance… I am moving and learning at my own pace. Doing things when it feels right.

Yesterday I received some wonder news… reassuring news…(to me) that I am following His path for me…

My work has been chosen for the second year in a row for the Cloth, Paper, Scissors Calendar. Hearts and Flowers will be published in their 2011 Calendar.

Thank you to all who voted for my piece… thank you for that confirmation…. Thank you for helping me on this journey as an artist!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Greatest of these is Love...

Art and Creativity for Healing held their Annual Palette of colors Fundraising Dinner and Auction on May 1st. I truly love this organization and I want to help them so that they can continue to help others....

I donated a Gallery Wrapped Ready to Hang Giclee of this image:
If you are interested in purchasing a Giclee or matted and signed art print of this image please email me at

14" x 14" Gallery Wrapped Ready to Hang Giclee - $225.00
14" x 14" (image size) matted and signed fine art print - $90.00

Other sizes are also available... please contact me with any questions!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


RSVP…r├ępondez s'il vous plait… please respond….

This is one of my pet peeves…. It means please respond… it does not mean everyone else should respond, but not YOU.

I do not get it… unless of course the people that do not respond have perhaps NEVER thrown a party.

I admit it I am a perfectionist, and I have gone my Mother-in-law’s school of Italian entertaining since I was 15…

If you are going to throw a party. DO IT RIGHT. You want enough food for everyone… enough favors for everyone….or gift bags for the kiddos….

Now I may have missed a few RSVPS’ in my life, but not many… perhaps when I was on my 6th round of chemo and my brain was not functioning…

I understand what a pain it is to have to chase down people and what planning a party entails.

Maybe people think “well I am only one person… one RSVP won’t matter”… that may be true, but if even 10% of the invites think that, well it could be a disaster.

You can never really trust the “regrets only” after the RSVP… the only way that works is if people actually would always respond!

I have called and left messages and people still do not respond… I even used email this time for the people that can’t bear to have to say no over the phone.. still a few no responses. I know for certain even weddings that have everything printed except for the person’s name and how many are attending sometimes do not get sent back!

So do you plan for them to come… spend more on food, entertainment, favors, gift bags? Or do you take the risk that their kid shows up to your party and you have no room for them, no gift bag and let them learn the hard way because their parents have no etiquette? Of course their parents may not know what that word means either….


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