Sunday, April 18, 2010

Taylor Swift in Concert.... Fearless

We went to see Taylor Swift at Staples Center Friday night. 

What an unbelievable show…. For a girl who is 19 she is an amazing talent and she commands the stage. She was having fun and therefore her audience had fun too.

The show opened with Gloriana… I was not familiar with them but they were enjoyable for an opening band. They too looked like they were having fun.

Next was Kellie Pickler… we were disappointed in her performance. Having watched her and voted for her on American Idol, we felt like she really did not want to be there. She was always so bubbly and fun. She looked like she came from her sound check… or fell asleep and they woke her up a few minutes before she had to come out onstage. She had twisted her ankle and was limping… so maybe she was in pain and REALLY did not want to be there… but then again there is that old saying ”the show must go on”…

Not even a costume change… or even a cute coat and then remove it to see a cute outfit underneath. “N” thinks she even forgot the words to a song. The microphone went out… which I know is not her fault… it was just disappointing.

But… then… the… headliner….


The show was fun, fast and furious. She sang and danced and flung her long golden locks for 2 hours (okay that part was starting to get a bit annoying)….  She wanted to be there… she enjoyed being there… we enjoyed being there… (except for the tone deaf girl that stood next to me trying to blast out a few songs).

I love that she writes her songs… especially about boys that have done her wrong… in a part of the show they portrayed an interview and the interviewer asked her if perhaps she thought that boys may not want to date her if she is going to write songs about them… Her response… “then they shouldn’t do bad things”…

If you get a chance to go to her concert… go… you will not be disappointed. She is a good testament to putting God’s gifts to good use. She is a good role model for kids who have talent but maybe do not use it. I hope that she remains a good role model and her success and fame do not go to her head.

Here are a few shots…. Enjoy….


Blasé said...

That lil' Pickler girl needs needs some jump in her jumper!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much i absolutely love Taylor Swift!!!!!!


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