Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Project 365-2010

It was 2 years ago that my husband set up this blog for me… I have learned a lot and I am learning more every day. I always have good intentions on blogging more… but it takes me a long while to put my thoughts down and rewrite them and usually rewrite them again. I have visited other blogs where they post every day. I would love to do that… to make that New Year’s resolution to post everyday… but then again why make a resolution that you know you can’t or won’t do?

Yesterday I was reading Jamie Rider’s blog… I have participated in 3 of her The Next Chapter blogging book groups. I saw a post about Project: 365. Taking a photo a day and at the end of the year you have a visual year in review. Now I love to take photos… my husband bought me a separate drive just to hold my photos. Two hundred photos on a walk is nothing for this girl. Thank goodness for digital. He also gifted me with a SLR camera last year and a new point and shoot this year. So I thought I would try this Project 365. I will take one (at least) photo a day and upload it to my flickr account and the upper left box on my blog. Sometimes I may actually turn it into a post and other days it may just be a new photo. But this is a resolution that I think I can do… and enjoy it… which afterall is really what helps us keep those resolutions anyway…isn’t it?

So I have added the previous days to my flickr page, but this is today’s photo:

N was practicing her driving today and this van was along side of us. The dog was too funny just staring at himself in the side mirror. When the van pulled ahead of us I laughed out loud…

Check out the sign on the back of the van (for the love of dog) and the license plate…Ad agencies could not have written a better advertisement!!!

So here’s to my third year of blogging…and Project 365 – 2010… I will keep taking pictures… it may be lots of flowers and animals and palm trees and sunsets but sometimes, maybe just sometimes I will even add words!

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