Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Immediate Serenity

Did you ever go to a place where no matter how stressed or anxious you are, you immediately feel relief... serenity?

There are a few places like that for me. When I lived in Upstate NY, we would go and spend a week in the summer at a cottage on Lake Chautauqua. The area was hilly and as soon as we would round the bend and see the lake, I would feel myself relax… almost immediately.

Here in California, I get that feeling at the beach… but my favorite place to go to get that immediate relief, that serenity is Balboa Island.
Today my daughter N, Mario and I went to the Island. We walked both Islands… listened to the birds, said hello to all of the other walkers and runners, watched all of the cute dogs and cats and took pictures with our cameras.

It is just such a relaxing, comfortable place. There are 2 islands… big and little (original, I know you are thinking that!). There is a walkway around both islands with a bridge connecting them. You can walk and not have to worry about cars or curbs or bikes… just people and animals! The homes are of many different sizes and styles… some grand… some quaint. It is even fun to walk at night and get a peek into the homes when everyone’s lights are on.

After our walk we stopped for lunch… we sat outside because we had Mario with us. He laid down behind me on my chair. He was being so good that we promised him a treat when we got home. All of a sudden an older couple passed us and the woman smiled… she placed something on the table next to me and walked away. She left Mario a little dog bone… He got his reward early!

That is just the kind of place that Balboa Island is…

They run their train during the Holidays right through their home!!


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