Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Joy Diet - Laughter

The Next Chapter: The Joy Diet

The Joy Diet
Martha Beck

Every Day, Make Sure that You Laugh at Least Thirty Times. If this is Not Possible, Use the Laughter Alternatives described in this Chapter.

I love to laugh. I have to admit I like sarcastic humor, just plain silly humor too. Even looking at old photos of people laughing makes me laugh...

My daughter when she ws one year old....

My son at about 18 months old

I love to stand in card stores and read through the funny cards. I often find myself laughing out loud… which can be a bit embarrassing.

My roommate in college, Heather and I would laugh at the silliest things… sometimes it would be after doing all-nighters working on our design projects. One time I remember coming back from a school break and bringing a “Truly Tasteless Jokes” book back with me. I can still see us sitting on our beds laughing until we were crying… She used to say: “It was a crack-up”… I miss that girl… she died 16 years ago this past week...

A friend that I worked with in the 80’s used to bring in the New Yorker Magazine and pass it around the office. I loved many of the cartoons in that magazine. We would read it individually and then share what ones we thought were the funniest.

When my daughter was little and she used to pout or cry I would play this little game with her… I would say ”don’t smile”… she would burst into a big smile… when my son was born I would try the same thing… he could go a little longer without smiling, but in the end would end up smiling too. We still play that game to this day…

One time when my daughter was about 3 a bunch of us went to Darien Lake and were riding a “Grizzly Run” type of ride, you sit in the big ring and ride through various rapids and waterfalls and are sure to get wet. She and her Uncle sitting next to her got drenched. We all sat very silent waiting to see if she was going to laugh or cry… She burst into laughter and said ”Uncle Tommy got blasted!!” Her laugh was so hearty and surprising that we all about peed our pants laughing at her laughing at Uncle Tommy even though she got drenched too!!

I love using famous lines from movies at opportune times to make people laugh… mostly my husband, but we all use them now…”Bueller… anyone, anyone?... Leave the gun… take the Cannoli…. My son has great comedic timing. Sometimes when my husband is so angry with him, my son will say the perfect line or saying or have a certain intonation in his voice and my husband just cracks-up. Then we all start laughing

We love to watch America’s Funniest Videos as family… my kids, especially my daughter laughs so hard and they have both have contagious laughs…

I love sarcasm too… when I moved out West many people did not understand sarcasm. It can be hurtful, but it does not have to be… just looking at things from a different viewpoint. When I was going through my breast cancer treatment it helped me to deal with some very difficult situations. If I can find humor in it then it makes it a bit easier. It was before I blogged… I sent out email updates and one of my friends would tell me that I would have her in tears reading about the treatments and then I would crack a joke about it and I would have her laughing through her tears.

I don't have a vision card this week, but I just looked through some of my old jokes that I cut out over the years and I liked this one....

Have great week!!

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becky nielsen said...

That is such a great picture of your daughter in her little dress in the pool. I have one of my grandson sitting on a little plastic chair that I set in the pool so he could eat his popsicle without getting it all over and attracting bees. He has such a serious look on his face - it cracks me up!

I worked in health care for 42 years - and humor was life saving for so many of my patients - and me, too! I can still laugh out loud remembering some of the things we would share.

There was a time when a friend of mine sent me weekly letters with cartoons cut out from the New Yorker. I loved them - and when I was out running one morning and saw a stack of the magazines sitting at the curb tied up with string, I lugged them home and went through them looking for the cartoons. What a treasure!

I really enjoyed reading this post - thank you.


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